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However, the overall look is too colorful, and some people, like me, prefer the look of stock Android. This will make your life much easier. All the themes worked perfectly without any problems. Most of the themes will also work with older MIUI smartphones.

In addition, the icon shape has the Google Material design language and all are in uniform shape giving a very stockish look on MIUI. Download : Free 2. And I love the blend of two distinct and hugely popular stock Android skin.

Theme with best icons?

Download : Free. It comes with the classic Google WallpaperMaterial designed icons, a clean and separated quick settings page and more. The theme also applies to the core Settings page and keyboard making the whole user interface light and vibrant in classic Google fashion. Also, you have got the Stock Android look on the lock screen with two quick functionalities on either side. Download : Free 4. It completely simplifies the UI with essential apps on the home screen and less-cluttered quick settings panel.

Apart from that, it brings down the overall RAM usage to naught because it just has a memory footprint of 2. I would say if you have a low-tier Redmi device then apply this Android Go theme for a stockish look and better performance.

It uses a Stock wallpaper from the Pixel device and changes the icon shape to circular for a uniform look. Furthermore, the dark mode extends to other system apps as well like the Dialer, Mi Browser, Settings and more.

This theme also changes the font to condensed Roboto font and it looks pretty good on a Xiaomi device. To put it straight, if you want the Stock Android experience in complete dark mode then do check out this theme. The Android P theme is based on Android Pie, and as you can see, it showcases the same white and blue theme all over the place. If you fancy the whites and want your device to look like Android P, well, then this might just be the perfect theme for you. Download: Free 7. Pineapple Well, Android P turned out to be Pie and not Pineapple, but it is a great theme nonetheless.

In fact, it is one of the cleanest themes of the lot and looks a lot like Android 9 Pie. The theme offers a clean dock, along with Android Pie styled quick settings toggles. Nonetheless, if you can look past the lockscreen, you get a near stock AOSP experience, which is kind-off what this list is all about.

Download: Free 8. The theme has one of the cleanest looks out there, and really does a great job of replicating the overall look of Android Pie.

However, the lockscreen might be something that has a divided opinion, since it looks pretty much like the homescreen only. Nonetheless, it gives you access to customizable shortcuts which is always a plus in my book.

Download: Free. Android One is one of the cleanest forms of Android available to OEMs, and the same can be said for this theme right here. The Android One theme looks pretty similar to those found on Android One devices, boasting of the circular icons, folder icons, the Pixel widget, and much more.

The icons in the status bar also resemble the AOSP ones quite closely.

10 Gajab MIUI Themes with Best Icons May 2019 -EP01

Personally, I fancy this theme a lot, simply because it does not add a lot of bells and whistles, but looks plain simple, just the way Stock Android should as well. Download: Free Android Origin Origin is an open-source theme project that brings Android 8. It brings about a change in the quick settings as well and looks pretty similar to stock AOSP. Well, if you share the same emotions, the Oxygen theme is for you. I especially love the quick settings in this theme, that offers a transparent look to the background.There are lots of features available built-in MIUI itself.

Themes, wallpapers, fonts, ringtones everything is available in just themes app. These are the best MIUI 11 themes you can download right now. As the dark mode is now available with the MIUI 11 some of these will look great with some changes. Just you need the Themes app which is already available by preloaded in all of the Xiaomi smartphones coming with MIUI.

If you want to disable ads in MIUI completely follow this guide. This will make your MIUI experience really good. This theme has a pure neon-like look and lightning type icons. I always had a place on my phone for a Neon theme which I really like them personally. So if you are with me just go to the themes app and search for this theme.

I am attaching some screenshots so it will be helpful for you to find the theme faster. Search for Neon This theme will surely come in handy of those who use the dark mode on their smartphones.

It uses dark notifications and dark UI throughout the system. Icons are somewhat materialistic inspired icons that really look good on those dark colors in the background. I suggest you use the Stock Android icon pack with this theme.

Some icons are changed like charging icons etc. This is a simplistic design so for those who like the simple and clean design this theme is for them. So check out the screenshots below and get the theme. We have some more best MIUI themes coming in your way just scroll down. Search for Remix.The popularity of Xiaomi smartphones is on the rise. Users can find the budget-friendly Redmi series as well as the high-end Mi Pro editions and everything in between. The one thing that distinguishes these phones is the Android-based MIUI operating system that comes with its own set of pros and cons.

One of the best features is the customization options. The MIUI themes are one of the reasons people flock to it. You can also change icons in MIUI in a number of ways.

The Xiaomi smartphones were primarily built for the Chinese market. These icons were designed to look sleek and beautiful and are inspired by Flat Icon design. You can find more than 10, icons in this pack with all kinds of colors and a linear design.

You also get cloud wallpapers and dynamic calendars with this app as well. The easiest way to do so is to use the Mi account on your phone. This will enable you to import files from your SD card. The MIUI designer account is where you can get as creative as you want. You can design your own themes from scratch, including icon packs. But you can also browse for icon packs and download them.

After that, all you need to do is go to MIUI themes to customize your icons. Before it was a standard feature on other smartphones, Xiaomi embraced the concept of themes and a theme store.

Themes often come with their own set of icons. Therefore, if you want to change the entire look of your smartphone, you can check out the themes and find the right one for you. The only thing you need first is to create a Mi account.

There are a few ways you can do that. Go directly to the website, log into Facebook and do it there, or you can just look for the Mi account settings on your phone. Once you find a theme and the icons that you like, just press download. The same button will become the apply button after that. Press and go look at your new theme and icons and try them out.If you are looking for best themes for MIUI, this article is for you.

Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in the year ofwith the aim of providing high quality technology in every hand. Besides making handsets, they also produce smart TVssmart devices, notebooks, audio devices, charging devices and power banks.

The brand is now capturing the market globally and known for its budget supplies. The attractive feature of MIUI is their theming support. Yes, MIUI themes are the great way to have an amazing user interface on your android smartphone. You just need to find the list of theme and can use as per your choice. This latest version of MIUI provides various newer features for its users those are tempting and are making Xiaomi to be known as an economical OS in the common hands.

25 Best MIUI 12 Features You Should Know

MIUI 9 was a great update in itself. You might remember the newer features that were introduced in this version and how it was a wonderful surprise for the users. The experience itself is relishing. Now Xiaomi has another gift for its users.

Let me tell you the version MIUI 10 has much more to offer. You can appreciate them once you use it yourself. You must be very much convinced about the usefulness and the advancement of the newer version for the phone till now. So, you now will be looking for best theme for MIUI 10, right?

miui best icons

Below is a detailed list of the best themes shortlisted right for you. If you an android lover and want your Xioami phone to have a look of a classic android running phone, then this theme is surely the best theme for miui 10 that you can choose. It beautifies the basic blue and white theme in a very classy way. Download Droid Q Theme.

As the name itself suggests, this theme makes your phone look like an iOS device. So this is the best theme for miui 10 for the people desiring iOS. So the Samsung desiring ones too have a solution here.

This theme is purely based on Samsung Galaxy S9. If you are looking for best theme for MIUI 10, then these themes are surely not going to disappoint you. If your phone has displays, then you will be privileged enough to use these themes. These themes come in a mind boggling black- white and blue- white combination.

Download Ocean Breeze Theme. Looking for MIUI theme that will make your device look like pocophone? The Poco F1 theme probably got its name from the newly launched Poco handset, and seems to be a sweet dedication to this newcomer.

miui best icons

If you want best MIUI 10 themes in dark layouts, then this theme might please you with its shades of black in grey scale.

This theme seems to be perfect when you are carrying a black backed Xiaomi handset. This truely is one of the best theme for miui It features the new gesture navigation system, has ample privacy protection, and brings beautiful animations for almost everything. Not to mention, MIUI 12 is packed to the brim with a truckload of features and utilities. So in this article, we take a look at every aspect of MIUI 12, be it the user interface, privacy, or hidden features.

User Interface Xiaomi has been consistently redesigning its user interface for the past few years in order to make MIUI more minimal and intuitive to use. Last year, MIUI 11 departed from its clunky design language and brought something fresh to the table: a clean and coherent UI. This year, with MIUI 12, Xiaomi builds on its earlier foundation, and it seems, the company has finally struck a fine balance between feature count and minimal design language.

Right from the home screen to settings and system apps, everything is in complete sync with each other. I would say, for the first time, MIUI does not feel out of the place. The menus and pages are highlighted with large headers — eerily similar to Windows Mobile OS. The buttons and toggles are again larger, making it easier for users to manage their smartphone.

In fact, MIUI 12 feels quite matured because of its consistency in every design element— small or big. There are infographics, buttons, menus, cards — and they all flow from a visual design language. So to sum up, MIUI 12 is very well put together and I am certain you are going to love every bit of it. The moment you unlock the phone, the fade-in animation on MIUI 12 gives a satisfyingly smooth experience.

Further, you will experience bounce effects all across the UI and Zoom effect while opening apps. You can access the Quick Settings panel — unironically named Control Center — from the top-right side and notification shade from the top-left side. Many users will hate it and rightfully so, but there is nothing to worry about. You can still go back to the old layout by simply disabling the Control Center from the Settings page.

Problem solved. Other than that, Xiaomi has also implemented its own version of Group Notification. Based on promotional and low-priority content, MIUI 12 will group notifications to the bottom in order to make your notification shade less crowded.

Further, you can switch between apps by swiping left and right at the bottom of the screen. While the gesture system is almost stock, Xiaomi has added a way to open the app-specific menu from the top part of the screen. How awesome is that? One more reason to love MIUI You no longer need to go through hacks and disable ads from individual apps.

Open it and disable the toggle right away.

In one tap, you can now disable ads from all system apps on MIUI However, if you wish to remove the bloatware from MIUI then you should follow our linked guide.MIUI is perhaps the most customized version of Android you can get today. Apart from the Xiaomi devices, the OS is also available for a bunch of other devices.

But the icons that come with the stock theme are limited and the unthemed icons do not look consistent with the themed ones making it a bit awkward to look at.

This icon pack has more icons making it the best icon pack available for MIUI right now! But today, we have got a solution for this. All credits to the original developer Tobi aka t-ryder. Please note that this icon pack can only be installed by flashing the zip package through a custom recovery on devices running MIUI 8! For what this pack needed? And ordinary app icons. The default MIUI 8 theme does not have custom icons for all the apps. This icon packs has custom icons that follows Miui 8 design kanguala.

Well, yes and no. Should cover most icons you have installed. Let me know if you need more help! Hey, does this work on MIUI 9 global version? Does any information get removed from the phone when I flash this?

I really like the icons. But where do I find the remover pack in case i want to remove? The link up leads to the install package.

miui best icons

Please tell me how I can obtain the remove package. Thanks in advance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Updated on 23 May by Vishnu. Article Contents. Recommended Downloads:.Icon packs dont work well with default launcher. And third party launchers dont seem to work well on the latest android 9 miui beta. Can you tell me how can I apply icon packs on launcher?

Because there is no option in launcher to select icon pack Thanks. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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miui best icons

Something special is coming on October 27th… October 9, These are the Best Chromebooks you can buy right now! October 7, An early build of LineageOS Thanks Meter : 8. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Does anyone know a miui theme with good icons that covers not only default apps but google apps as well? Thanks Meter : 9. Join Date: Joined: Dec I would say an icon pack would have better choices then a theme. OP Member. Join Date: Joined: Jan