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The verdicts capped a costly government effort to strike a blow against the group--commonly known as La Eme, the Spanish pronunciation for the letter M. Federal authorities financed an month investigation and collected more than secret videotapes and audio recordings. The six-month trial marked the first time that federal authorities in Los Angeles have used the RICO statute against a gang.

Originally, the RICO law was created to fight organized crime. The importance the government put on the case was underscored by the presence in court Friday of U. Nora M. The verdicts were lauded by a former Mexican Mafia member who left the group to aid law enforcement. While the government scored the court victory over the Eme, the actual effect of the convictions on the streets is questionable, according to law enforcement experts who monitor the prison gang.

Gallardo also was found liable for the death of Eastside anti-gang activist Ana Lizarraga, another film advisor.

The reading of the verdicts Friday afternoon, culminating 10 days of jury deliberations, was delayed as more than two dozen reporters and family members tried to get into the high-security courtroom.

Only a few managed to gain entry. The courtroom was silent as Juror 19, a woman, handed in the verdicts. The defendants showed little emotion as the guilty verdicts were read. When it was clear that Murrillo was acquitted, several other defendants shouted their joy to him or shook his hand.

el sereno gang history

The usually reserved Murrillo was admonished by U. District Judge Ronald S. Lew, who told him to pipe down. I thought we would both get a second chance. Richard Moreno, brother of defendant Jesse Moreno, criticized the jury for delivering what he called a hasty verdict.

Among the 29 counts, the defendants were accused of killing seven people, most of them Eme members who fell out of favor. But the accusation was dropped from the case without explanation. Castro, 39, an admitted Mexican Mafia member and an ex-convict, agreed to cooperate with authorities after he was arrested in Novemberwhen authorities found a cache of weapons underneath his Alhambra home. A veteran of the Varrio Nuevo Estrada gang in Boyle Heights, Castro testified that he grew tired of murdering and robbing in the name of the Mexican Mafia.

Under the questioning of Assistant U. Lisa Lench, the lead prosecutor in the case, Castro spent eight days describing the Eme and its inner workings, its rules about membership, its plans to tax street gangs, and the murder plots that were hatched at videotaped hotel meetings.

On cross-examination, Castro underwent six weeks of intense grilling as defense attorneys accused him of being a murderous instigator who became a government informant to save his own skin after the weapons arrest.

Defense attorney Joseph F. In her closing statement, Lench defended the reliance on Castro. At times, competing interests for the defense were evident.

Several of the defendants disliked co-defendant Ruben Hernandez, a reputed leader of a rival faction within the Eme, and tried to stab him to death in a federal holding cell before the trial started in November. Although Barrera, Leyva and Chahin share an office, that arrangement meant nothing when it came to fighting for a client.I wonder how many of these people actually help the community?

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Sir i dont know any one but… Joel and im not suppose to know that much he in fla prison somewhere and brother or cousin or? From dade city florida. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Aubrey Berry People of CA v. Johannes Mehserle People of CA v. Jonathan Fajardo People of CA v. Pedro Espinoza People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of FL v. George Zimmerman People of CA v.

Stephanie Lazarus People of CA v. Alonso Obituary for Vincent A. Sanders,RIP L. S Magazine, Issue 13 — T. Rodgers Black P Stones founder F. S Magazine, Issue 28 F. S Magazine, Issue 30 Will. Street Life Vol. March 17, - pm. May 3, - pm. December 25, - am.

El Sereno Rifa

December 30, - am. February 10, - am. February 6, - pm. January 4, - pm.

el sereno gang history

August 4, - am. October 18, - am. April 15, - am. September 13, - am.Have a photo to share Thank you and please spread the word to everyone you can. During his 22 years as the football coachVic Cuccia compiled a record. He was also a teacher, serving all his 44 teaching years at Wilson High School. Coach Vic Cuccia, who grew up in El Sereno, was honored for his dedication and work on September Coach Vic Cuccia passed away on January, at the age of To read more about these Wilson High School personalities, click on each picture.

Jose Regalado. Here is an article that was published by KCET. The article touches on our community's history, culture, and current issues impacting El Sereno today. February 29, Wilson students were the first to walkout on March 1, Their actions kicked off what is now historically known as the Chicano Walkouts. These walkouts were the start of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement. The historic plaque was unveiled today at the site of the old Wilson High School present day El Sereno Middle School in honor of those brave students who decided to take their educational future into their own hands.

The beautiful mural that will accompany the plaque will be completed by April 28. Video courtesy of Councilmember Jose Huizar. Sharing the history of El Sereno, the oldest community in Los Angeles. As we deal with surreal times of Shelter-In-Place in Marchhere's a bit of history to distract our minds from what is going on.

The year was when Jimmy Quemada entered a contest sponsored by the USC Mexican American Alumni Association to create an emblem for the recently created club, founded in Quemada stated that he used the Aztec calendar, a Spanish conquistador and Trojan figure to come up with the design. The design was used on Mexican-American Alumni Association print material, such as brochures, stationary, envelopes and membership cards.

Hope you enjoy our Pic of the Month.

el sereno gang history

Spanish Exploration and the Mission Period Click on Picture to enlarge PDF file. The trail that passed from the village of Yangna near where the Pueblo of Los Angeles was founded in to Otsungna and then to the village of Sibagna near the second and final site of the Mission San Gabriel later became Mission Road.

Used for cattle grazing, an adobe was constructed here in by vaqueros from the Mission. A severe and devastating flood incaused by the San Gabriel River that flowed nearby, led the mission fathers to relocate the San Gabriel Mission farther north, to its present location in the city of San Gabriel.E ast L. While the rest of the country watched the Rodney King riots on TV, young Angelenos saw themselves being simultaneously celebrated and vilified on the national stage.

Pop culture was already catching up with the sounds and aesthetic of East L. But where Hollywood was glossing over the emerging voices of black and Chicano communities with stereotypesphotojournalist Joseph Rodriguez was out to understand a new generation of young people coping with the protracted burdens of a racist drug war, gang violence and the disillusionment of poverty. From — Rodriguez followed the lives of young women growing up fast on the Eastside, exploring the cycles of pain and resilience embedded in a particular Mexican-American culture, as well as the broader appropriation of that culture by teens outside East L.

His images speak to a loss of innocence, but they also engender a sense of belonging — a pride of place which distinguishes these young people as much more than a stereotype. I spent months arguing with the school district but they finally allowed me to do home studies so I can graduate high school. There are not that many people out there who are willing to help a young person. You have to make it on your own. And in a way, having my son has helped me become more responsible.

I have someone to take care of, someone who needs me. The day I see him going in the wrong direction, dressing like a gangster, is the day I move out of LA. Sign in. Photos: The vida loca of East L.

As California goes, so goes the country. Rian Dundon Follow. Timeline News in Context. Former Timeline picture editor. Timeline Follow. See responses 2.Two thumbs down to esr! First of all none of those lil cliques are in the El Sereno turf except for Lowell.

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Ex 18th Street Gang Member Interview (Downtown, Los Angeles)

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Photos: The vida loca of East L.A. teen gang culture in the 90s

Was it worth it? Hiding for the rest of your life? And getting pcd everytime you get arrested? You talk about being a soldier for sereno because deep down inside…. You want to come back …… Trust me hector.

12 Mexican Mafia Members Guilty in Racketeering Case

I know you were down for sereno…. And you know who I am… We bumped heads in east lake juvi…. Lowell st.This page was created by the Data Deska team of reporters and Web developers in downtown L. Now Politics Crime Education O. Sections: Latest week Six-month summary Police agency. In the seven days between April 5 and April 11, violent crime reports were about average and property crime reports dipped.

Over the last three months, El Sereno averaged 1. This week's rate of 1. A population estimate of 43, from the L. Department of City Planning is used to calculate per-capita totals. Six-month summaries are based on the latest six months where data are available from all departments, Sept. El Sereno. Property crimes All crimes Violent crimes Property crimes — — 0.

All crimes Violent crimes Property crimes. El Sereno is covered by one police jurisdiction. It contains Hillside Village and University Hills.

Find Your Neighborhood. Search by address. Crime Alerts. Crime Rankings. Violent crime 1. Chesterfield Square 2. Harvard Park 3. Vermont Vista 4. Vermont Knolls 5. Vermont-Slauson Property crime 1. Fairfax 2.The Native American village of Otsungna was situated in today's El Sereno on the banks of a stream that was later named Arroyo Rosa de Castilla, which ran east of present-day Guardia and Farnsworth avenues.

The route later became Mission Road. After Mexican independence from Spainthe Rancho Rosa de Castilla — named after a stream that ran through the area — was granted to Juan Ballesteros in This stream was called the Arroyo Rosa de Castilla because of the roses growing on its banks. It included what is now El Sereno. After the secularization of the missions inthe ranch passed to Francisco Chico Lopez.

Batz engaged in farming and sheep ranching until his death on December 6, After Catalina died on February 22,the land portion of the estate was then divided between six of her eight children. On the ranch was a modest cottage on the north side of what is now Huntington Drive at Van Horne Avenue.

A ranchhouse on the south side of Valley Boulevard, near the junction of present-day Eastern Avenue, was owned by the Hirigoyen family, which raised chickens, ducks, and pigs. A ranch west of what is now Eastern Avenue was owned by the Smith family. Their home and well were extant aboutjust south of what is now Huntington Drive at Paola Avenue. The Smith eEstate was partitioned in The Cornwall family built a house about on part of the former Smith property, near present-day Eastern Avenue and Harmony Lane.

Most of this ranch was later bought by Evan Evans. This land later passed to Marcos A. Sheep and cattle ranching was gradually replaced by agriculture and stock raising. The farmers grew hay and barley, raised pigs and chickens and ran dairies.

The adjacent Omaha Heights Tract was recorded in The area did not develop greatly between and because of the lack of local transportation and of adequate water. What's more, residential, commercial, and industrial growth encircled the area.

To the southwest was Boyle Heights, subdivided in To the north were Pasadenasubdivided inand the first subdivisions, plattedof the future South Pasadena. Nevertheless, the sheepherding and farming business of Catalina Batz and her children was successful and afforded them an affluent lifestyle. Other landowners were successful as well: Some of them lived in the city and kept horses at their country ranches.

Unlike the real estate promoters of the surrounding territory, none of these wealthy and comfortable owners had an incentive to develop their land. Roses Road was established bybeginning at the present intersection of Huntington Drive and Collis Avenue and proceeding east.

Catalina Batz purchased most of the excess lands adjacent to the tracks after the railroad was completed. Because of Southern Pacific's high rates, development of this area did not follow. Competition soon followed, with the arrival of the Santa Fe Railroadwhich built trackage to Los Angeles in A fare war between the two railroads lowered rates, bringing many immigrants from the East and Midwest to Los Angeles.

Water sources for the area were the Arroyo Rosa de Castilla and another ditch that ran north to south just west of present-day Eastern Avenue. The small Ascot Reservoir, being used by to store water, did not have the capacity to meet the needs of the many subdivisions that were later to bring new residents to the area section below. The area of present-day El Sereno, south to Twining Street, was included as part of the City of South Pasadena during its incorporation on February 29, A vote taken on September 28,however, excluded from the city limits all land south of West Alhambra Road effective October 2, A majority of the voters within the revised city limits wanted to prohibit alcoholic drinking establishments within the borders of the city.

All the voters in the excluded territory were in favor of exclusion, as they did not want to be in a "dry" town. The same year saw the establishment of a new Farmdale School District and the building of the Farmdale School.